Rachl Quinn singer, voice instructor, and songwriter. Associated acts include Graveshadow, Aerial Dogs, and Still Life. Her projects have given her the opportunity of opening for Queensryche, Y&T, and Warrant to name a few. Her students include former Voice Albania contestants and national touring musicians. She is an accomplished singer with eight collective years of training and is well versed in all genres. 

Mike LePond is best known as the bassist for progressive metal giants, SYMPHONY X.  In the last 17 years, he has toured the world many times over and played on some of the most critically acclaimed records in heavy metal history. Forty years of listening to rock, metal, blues, progressive, and even medieval music has given him a truly unique bass playing style. Because of this, he is one of the most sought after players on the scene today.

Mordian is a Vocalist/Composer and piano player from Chicago, IL. She has been performing professionally for the past 6 years. Her Victorian-infused 2019 release Romance in Disguise received numerous rave reviews (including Metal Hammer) 

Mixer Desk


For over a decade, award winning producer Matt Mercado (with the assistance of engineer Kyle Reese) has been producing rap and rock artists at  premium yet affordable, full-service recording facilities. Having been a musician and major label recording artist himself with his bands Mindbomb and Daisy Chain, Matt knows how to produce, record, mix, and master as a leading industry engineer.


Because Mercado has seen the industry from all sides, he is also able to pass this extra knowledge and experience on to his clients.

Gear List

  • DAW

  • Intel i5, 8 gigs of ram

  • Mac Pro 6 core

  • Pro Tools 10

  • Pro Tools 12

  • Studio One 3.5

  • Cubase 4, Reason, Sony Acid Pro

  • UAD 2 DUO (2 Cards) with 1176, LA2a, Cambridge EQ, Neve 1073, Dreamverb & Plate 140

  • MOTU 2408 MK III (Moded by Black Lion Audio) (3)

  • DVD-R, CD-R



  • Neumann U87

  • Shure SM7b

  • Sennheiser MD 421

  • Shure Beta 52

  • Yamaha Sub Kick

  • Audix D 2

  • Blue Blueberry, Blue Mouse

  • AKG C14 EB (Vintage)

  • Rode NT1a (2)

  • Audio Technica 4050

  • SM 57s (4)

  • SM 58s (2)

  • Electro Voice PL20s (2)

  • Electro Voice PL10s (4)

  • Audix F10s (4)

  • Neumann TLM 193 Matched Pair

  • Rode NT3a Matched Pair

  • AKG D112

Outboard Gear List


  • Universal Audio LA 610 MK II

  • API 512c

  • Old School Audio MP-1

  • Neve 1081

  • Event EMP-1 (3)

  • Allen/Heath Mix Wizard 16:2

  • Prosonus Blue Tube

  • DBX 160 VU

  • DBX 902 desser

  • DBX 903 compressors (4)

  • DBX 904 Noise Gates (2)

  • DBX 905 EQs (2)

  • DBX 242 vintage

  • Aphex 9156 compressors (2)

  • Eventide H 3000

  • Aphex quad noise gated

  • Valley People 2112

  • DBX 166

  • Line 6 Filter Pro

  • Lexicon PMC 60

  • Avid Eleven

  • Aphex J Pre 500 (2)

  • Aphex A Pre 500

  • Aphex CX-500

  • Aphex EXQ 500

  • Aphex Project 500 (2)

  • DBX 166 VU

  • Aphex Aural Exciter

  • SCA N72 (2) (Neve 1072 clones)



  • Trick Drums 6 piece studio kit (Hand crafted aircraft aluminum, Made in Chicago).

  • Vintage Marshall 800 (Modified by Fat Boy Amps) All new tubes and reconditioned.

  • 1960 serries Marshall 4/12 cab (2).

  • Trace Elliot Speed Twin - All new tubes and reconditioned.

  • Modulous Bass, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender Strat, Fender Acoustic Bass, Taylor Acoustic, Seagull Acoustic, Guild D25 Vintage (1979) Acoustic, Gibson SG.

  • Jerry Jones Sitar (As played by Metallica, U2 & System Of A Down).

  • White House 88 weighted keyboard piano and controller.




  • EBO, J Dunlop Talk Box

  • Roland SPD 20 Filter Queen



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